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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Jean-Antoine Etonge






4 Hours

Mode of Delivery


About the Session

This workshop aims to improve the learner’s language skills in the domain of describing business activities, through practice sessions. The learners will be able to recognize and use verbs, practice on tenses and will be able to recognize and use workplace expressions.


  1. Past Simple Tense

  2. Present Simple Tense

  3. Present Continuous Tense

  4. Asking questions in appropriate structures within the context of workplace environments


About the Facilitator

Jean-Antoine Etonge

Jean-Antoine Etonge is a Tutor at Bahrain Polytechnic since 2016. His teaching interests are in the areas of English and Business. He has a BA in English, an MSc in Management Studies, a PGCE in English teaching and has recently completed a PGCert program at Bahrain Polytechnic.  Prior to joining Bahrain Polytechnic, he has taught in Cameroon, UK, China and Iraq.

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