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Intensive Career Acceleration Program




Level 5


5 Months

Mode of Delivery



About the Course

The Intensive Career Acceleration Program is a program for students who are still exploring potential academic and career options, through access to training with work apprenticeship. To provide students with a comprehensive set of skills for employment in valuable business and industry contexts. The vocational focus covers fundamentals, core competences, and the applications of technical principles in various fields.

Target Group

This program is intended for high school graduates and job seekers.

Program Contents

The program consists of:

  • Communication Skills
  • Information Technology
  • Market Yourself
  • Work Placement
  • Electives

Learning and Teaching Strategies

The programme is delivered through a project-based learning blended with classroom teaching, tutorials, online (web-based), laboratory work, workshops, supervised projects, and workplace experience. Concept or knowledge learning is enhanced with vocational and contextualized learning environments, hands-on, and practical training. Formative and summative assessments which aid in addressing students’ need and extent of their learning may include:

  • Demonstrations
  • Role-plays or simulations
  • Tutor-directed activities
  • Performance-based tasks
  • Online exercises, tutorials, and discussion
  • Projects
  • Portfolios
  • Case Studies
  • Reflective activities
  • Individual and group dynamics

Assessment Strategies

As assessments are part of the course delivery, these will be practical and mostly project-based or case-based, depending on the nature of the subject.


  • Attain a minimum of 60% pass in the assessments
  • Attendance: 80% of the total attendance, 20% or less of the total contact hours for absences.

Training Duration

The program is planned for delivery over the course of 5 months, with 3 months in-campus training and two-month work placement.

Entry Requirements:

  • Secondary school graduate certificate
  • Beginner/elementary user of English

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