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Learn Korean

Fatema Baqer
Assistant Tutor






90 Minutes

Mode of Delivery


About the Session

This webinar will introduce the Korean language and writing system, as well as the basics of reading in Korean.

  1. Basic history of the Korean language
  2. Pronouncing Korean letters
  3. Reading Korean words
  4. Greetings and common phrases
  5. Korean honorific titles

About the Facilitator

Fatema Baqer

Fatema Baqer is an ICT Assistant Tutor at Bahrain Polytechnic. She holds a degree in Programming from Bahrain Polytechnic. Her interest in learning Korean started while she was in High School and she has then gone to complete multiple Korean Courses and certifications.  She received the award for ‘Best Pronunciation’ at the first Korean Speech Contest in Bahrain that was held at the Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  

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