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Time Management

Mohammed Al-Daylami






1 Hour

Mode of Delivery


About the Session

The webinar aims to enhance the participants time management skills that will assist them to achieve success in different settings. The session will address the challenges and difficulties that hinders effective time management and to develop solutions and approaches to overcome these obstacles. The webinar will also emphasize the relationship between mindset, habits, behavior and developing effective time management skills.      


  1. Identify time management
  2. Identify the importance of time management
  3. Identify the distractions that hinders time management
  4. Identify approaches and solutions to overcome the distractions and challenges that hinders time management
  5. Identify and apply effective time management skills to achieve success in different settings 


About the Facilitator

Mohammed Al-Daylami

Mohammed Al-Daylami joined Bahrain Polytechnic in 2011 and have since been involved in both academic and corporate roles.  Currently, he is the Coordinator of the Academic Skills Centre at Bahrain Polytechnic. Mohammed is passionate about community education and enjoys delivering seminars and workshops in various topics, including entrepreneurship, employability skills, mentoring and educational strategies.

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